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About the Doctor

Dr Steven B Goldstein DCPC

Dr. Steven B. Goldstein DC PC

Dr. Steven Goldstein graduated from New York Chiropractic College in 1984 and has been in practice ever since.


Dr. Goldstein is certified in sports injuries, Advanced Allergy Therapeutics, and professional level training in Nutrition Response Testing.


Dr. Goldstein is also a member of Winthrop University Hospital Chiropractic Collaboration Program.

Dr. Steven Goldstein has been helping people live better and healthier lives for over 30 years!

Our practice would be nothing without the confidence and support of our fabulous patients. Our success is due to them, first learning about Chiropractic and then seeing how Chiropractic has improved their health and their lives.

Over the past 30 years, I have had the pleasure of treating parents, their children and now their grandchildren. Not only has Chiropractic kept my patients going, but it has also kept me going as well.

Over the years I have seen my practice grow from a doctor-patient relationship to more of a Chiropractic Family. You honor me and I am proud to be your Chiropractor and a part of your family.

- Dr. Steven B. Goldstein D.C. P.C.

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