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Heart Sound Recorder

Analyzing Your Heart Sound

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What is the Heart Sound Recorder?

The Heart Sound Recorder is a non-diagnostic tool used to measure stress on the heart. It is classified as a “general wellness device”, it is not diagnosing disease conditions.

We use this technology to measure three distinct functions of your heart:

Rate - how fast your heart is beating.

Rhythm - your heartbeat’s pattern.

Tone - how strong your heart is contracting

These three indicators can give us insight into the health of the patient's heart.


We measure the heart sounds with a special microphone similar to instruments used by scientists to measure earthquakes. This gives us information on how your heart is functioning and if your heart is under stress.

An EKG (electrocardiogram) measures the electrical system of the heart. EKG is like a car engine starter. It sends an electrical charge to start the car. The Heart Sound Recorder tells us how the heart is functioning not just the electrical system. The Heart Sound Recorder is looking at the muscular and valvular function of your heart.

The Heart Sound Recorder monitors each valve of the heart to determine how nutrition is affecting the physical and electrical system of the heart. We use this technology to evaluate the quality of the heart muscle, its structure, and its function.


The Heart Sound Recorder machine.

Example of a heart sound graph.

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